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4 Ways to Make Your Road Trip Fun for the Kids and Easier on You

I love road trips with my family because it means seeing different areas, driving for miles at a time, and spending quality time together. But after a while of sitting in a car, it can become quite uncomfortable and dull. The kids start to get restless, everyone's bored, and your patience is running out. Here are a few ways we manage to not only survive the long family trips but make them fun and create some family traditions along the way.
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Train Like an Olympian in the Baltimore-Washington Metro Area

No matter what type of athlete you are, Maryland is an excellent state to train and prepare yourself to become the best at your sport. Some of the most accomplished Olympians were born here and utilized many of our facilities every day to successfully prepared themselves for their demanding Olympics careers. Even though we can't all be Olympians, we can still train like them and here are three places you can do that in the Baltimore-Washington Metro Area.
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Where to Get Gluten-free Goodies in the Baltimore Metro Area

It's easy to go to your local grocery store these days and grab a gluten-free snack of some kind, but sometimes you just want to sit down and enjoy a meal or a treat out. This can be difficult and might require you make a few phone calls before you settle on a place. So if you're traveling around Maryland, I've found three locations in the Baltimore metro area where you can come on in and get your gluten free treat or meal.
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